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About Us

PolyCon - Canada is an event of the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association and presented with local poly community groups tri-annually.  In 2013, the first ever PolyCon - Canada was held in Vancouver with terrific attendance from across Canada, the US and Europe. 

In 2016, the poly community of Victoria, BC hosts another gathering that promises to be a delightful experience of west coast life and empowering of the diversity that is our Canadian polyamourous community. The goal of this event is to create awareness of the varieties of polyamory practiced and provide inspiration and a sense of national community to those who practice and support the philosophy of ethical non-monogamy.

PolyCon 2019?

Do you have a growing poly community? Would you like to host the next PolyCon-Canada?  Proposals and requests for information about the process can be sent to