PolyCon - Canada

Poly & Diversity

Workshop - October 23 in Victoria

Non-Monogamous Dating for Men Into Women

Sunday October 23 - 1:00 to 3:00 pm

S.P.A.R.C - 426 Montreal Street, Victoria, BC 

$25 per person - Proceeds to PolyCon-Canada Fund

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Non-monogamous men - do you find that you have trouble navigating the dating scene while poly or open? Do you seem to be perpetually single or only connected to one woman? Do your relationships tend to consistently end before the two-year mark?
In this workshop we will investigate ways we can date better, from the very beginnings of attraction to skills for relationship maintenance. We'll discuss attitude adjustments such as those around entitlement, integrity, and attention. We'll also hit practical skills and techniques for making and maintaining connections. Come join us in some self-work leading to a better romantic life.
This workshop is targeted at men attracted to women, but all are welcome to attend. The format is part lecture and part back and forth discussion.

Facilitated by Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint is
an activist, educator, and community organizer in the polyamory and BDSM communities in San Francisco. Over the years he has held numerous poly and kink workshops and has put on various events such as the OpenSF Conference, the Love Triangle dance club, Poly Speed Dating, and the Threshold play party. His educational and social theory writings can be found online at and


CPAA AGM October 30

The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association will hold an Annual General Meeting on October 30 at 10am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern time.

We have been working on some projects that are in the forefront of social and legal change. We seek to have a diversity in membership and leadership from across Canada to move forward effectively.  Please contact if you or your association/organization has an interest in promoting awareness for and in our national polyamory community.  Time commitment and discretion of involvement varies per position.

Per decision of the Board of Directors membership fees have been modified to $15 annually for an individual membership and $25 per year for an association or organization.  To be a member or member association, or member organization in good standing the membership fee must be paid prior to the AGM every year.  All members in good standing have a vote at the AGM and area eligible to be elected to the board of directors.